Coolest Wallets For Guys

Coolest Wallets For Guys

In these last five years market goes nuts about these minimalist wallets because of its simple design. Everyone gets tired of big wallets that give you the feeling like sitting on the brick, or that line that appears on our jeans can look like really uncomfortable. These minimalist ultra-thin, great capacity, indestructible design, cool modern look, with some extra features like bottle openers, security system technology or battery charging wallets are a fantastic innovation of this century. Here is a list of some interesting, cool looking wallets.

1. Saddleback Wallet – This type is like a wine. Because of its composition made by 1oo percent animal leather it becomes softer and flexible by ageing. For easy use it has a front windows to put your primarily cards and to pull them out when you’re in a hurry. – pros: leather stitch indestructible and luxurious design, feeling comfortable in your jeans , plenty room for cards – cons: made just for cards, no money pocket or clip.

2. Wally Wallet – Owning this one you can even loose a track of it because of its slender design made of very smooth and elegant Italian leather. Its capacity holds up to 10 cards and goes pretty well in combination with suits or even for a more casual style. – pros: small, thin handsome design, enough card capacity, durable, comes in two color options: one for weekdays and one for formal occasions. – cons: made not for money

3. Radix Wallet – No more lines or bulges in your pockets. This is an extra polished, extra slim designed wallet composed of combination of polycarbonate and silicone in order to prevent slipping out in case of friction. With this wallet, your cards are safe! – pros: extra small, fits everywhere, very long durability with no possibility of tearing, suitable for all your types of cards and even there is a plenty room for cash, too.

4. Tribe Wallet – Also called ” The Legacy wallet”, this type represents high-quality design, composition including materials like strong titanium or a carbon fiber. Its futuristic design also has an upgraded RFID system that is used in order to secure your financial and personal data from thieves who wants to get it by RFID readers. Very simple to use mechanism. – pros: unique, fashionable design for a lifetime, strong durability material grade, RFID blocking security, pinch and push use mechanism

5. Slim Charging Wallet – Produced by Nomad company, this modern creation leather wallet comes is the newest thing in the marketplace. Made of fine leather from America’s oldest tanneries this wallet has some secret. How much time your iPhone has ran out battery? How about if I tell you that this wallet discretely holds a battery for charging your iPhone, which makes it perfect wallet for traveling especially. – pros: quality leather design, ultra-stylish, modern, extra for long travels, contains one battery charger for iPhone, plenty of room for cash and cards.

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