Parking Cheaply: LAX vs MAN

Parking Cheaply: LAX vs MAN

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is one of the largest and most active airports in the world. In USA, LAX is the third largest airport. Unlike Manchester airport, the third largest airport in the United Kingdom with annual passenger movement of 22 million, it handles close to 34 million travelers in a year. Roads leading to both airports are usually filled with taxis, buses, shuttles and personal cars that ferry passengers to and from the airports. Any person who wishes to travel using these airports must look for the correct parking facility as early as possible. Prior booking of a parking space is essential for Manchester airport parking as well as for LAX, since it will help save time.

Regardless of whether you are searching for a short or long term packing option, choosing the cheapest and most convenient airport parking is highly recommended.

Below are some of the places in LAX that guarantee travelers the cheapest packing services:

Airport Center Express

If you are looking for a parking facility that is some miles from LAX, Airport Center Express is the most convenient option to go with. This parking facility is situated some miles away from the main airport and operates for 24 hours a day, meaning you will get the chance of picking your

vehicle at any particular time that you term appropriate. To make the services more appealing, this company provides shuttle services that will take you to the airport once your vehicle has been dropped.

Joel’s Airport Parking

When it comes to offering the cheapest and most suitable parking facilities, then Joel’s Airport parking should be in your list of companies that offer parking services. This company has shuttle services that will take you to and from the airport at any particular time of the day. Just a few miles from LAX, Joel’s Airport Parking guarantees you ample parking space. However, this parking facility is not suitable for people who own vehicles that have an oversize (over 6’66”)

CL Parking

CL Parking is the third most used parking facility that serves majority of travelers who rely on LAX. This company is operational for 24 hours a week with a shuttle service meant to transport car owners to the airport.

Cost of Parking at LAX

Considering the price of parking your car is one of the most important things that should be looked into by any car owner. If you are running on a low budget, it is advisable that you use a car parking company that has pocket friendly prices. Some of the cheapest options which you can rely on when searching for parking facilities include:

* Fox Auto Parks

Probably the cheapest place to park your car is Fox Auto Parks as it charges $7.20 per day. You have the option of paying the amount once you get back from the trip or before you go for the trip.

* Mega Airport Parking

With enough parking space, a client will be required to part with $8.95 per day in order to get a parking space for your vehicle.

* Travel Car

Travel car charges $10 per day for every car that is packed in their premises. Being a few miles away from LAX, travelers will be given a shuttle service that ensures you never miss your flights.

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