How to Save Money with Airport Parking

How to Save Money with Airport Parking

How to Save Money with Airport Parking

Parking near Bristol airport can be very expensive especially if you are looking for a parking space which is closer to the terminal entrance. Any air traveler who will be away for close to one week or more requires a cheaper airport parking facility that will cater for all needs while at the same time take good care of their vehicle. This can be made possible by choosing the best parking method or relying on other options which reduce costs incurred in paying parking fees. If you want to save more money with airport parking then you have definitely come to the correct place. Here are some of the methods on how to save money while going away on a long term trip.

Take Public Transport

If you are living in a location where it is easy to access public means of transport like Uber, taxi, buses and trains then you are pretty lucky. Public transport is way cheaper as compared to using your own vehicle as it does not need you to buy fuel. Furthermore, you will be taking care of the environment by reducing vehicle emissions. However, you will be forced to live your vehicle at home or with your close friend during the entire period of your trip.

Park and Fly Hotels

Hotels have been forced to change how they operate in order to outshine their competitors when it comes to winning air travelers. With increased competition, hotels are now offering park and fly services especially if you book the hotel a night before travelling. Through this method, you only have to pay a small parking fee once you have booked a hotel room for a specified number of days. This saves you money which would otherwise be incurred in paying expensive airport parking.


Instead of paying airport parking, you can be paid for leaving your car with Travelcar whenever you go on a trip. Although this option is only limited to a few airports, it is still one of the best ways of saving money on airport parking. Travelcar will cater for every mile covered by your vehicle while at the same time keep it clean and safe until you get back. However, for you to use this option, your car must not be more than seven years old with a minimum mileage of 95,000 miles.

Online Booking

With the internet becoming part of our life, it is now possible to book a cheap airport parking space days before setting on your trip. However, you must first look for an airport parking or parking company which has this option in order to benefit from their services. Once you have booked and paid for the parking space, you will be able to access the parking space before travelling.

If you want to save more with airport parking, it is recommended that you use the best program available. If you lack this information, you can ask for help from your friends or visit online web pages.

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