Warning Signs That It’s Emotional Infidelity

Warning Signs That It’s Emotional Infidelity

There is a new kind of infidelity that is going on within the past decades. Before, extramarital infidelity was just defined as sexual relationship outside your marriage. Nowadays, being emotionally attached to a so-called special friend can also lead up to emotional infidelity which also has a tendency to lead up to full-blown sexual infidelity.

But what is emotional infidelity, really? According to a private investigator Adelaide, he has dealt with this kind of cases several times in the past 5 years. As he would describe it, getting emotionally attached to a person aside from your spouse can actually be defined as emotional infidelity.

An emotional affair is when a person starts to invest more of their emotional energy aside from their spouse and at the same time receives some emotional support and a form of companionship from the new relationship. Whereas, in an emotional affair, most people feel guilt-free because they thought that there is no sex involved. Little do they know that when the emotional infidelity develops over time, the other party will experience increasing sexual tension or chemistry.

We have gathered some signs that may be hard to distinguish if the platonic friendship is brewing into full-blown emotional infidelity:

  • Your spouse would not stop talking about the other person. This is one of the common signs that we often take for granted as it is always being explained that “we are just friends”. If you will pay close attention to these details, you will notice that your spouse always brings up the name of that other person which makes it more suspicious. And if you will try to confront them of your suspicions, they tend to be more defensive of it and still insist that they are just friends.
  • When your spouse tells intimate thoughts and issues with another person. It will be very hard to know when your spouse already divulged some of your intimate matters with that new person in their life. Most of these matters should have been solved between husband and wife. But, as it is, another person is involved which turns this situation more complicated.
  • You will notice that your spouse has become too obsessed with their phone. This is quite obvious because if you are with your spouse, there is not that much need to always keep an eye on your phone and wait for it to beep for messages or a call. There is a big difference when work is calling and if someone else is calling. With work, we sometimes hate to answer it as it will lessen the time that we have for our family. While if it is someone else, we usually patiently wait. Most of the time waiting on the phone makes us tensed and restless. They also become shadier about their phones. Before it is completely okay if you browse on your spouse’s phone, then the time will come that they will not even let you touch it. That will only make you suspect even more that there is something weird happening.
  • If your partner instantly develops a high interest in social media, previously they were not even interested in making an account. Getting flirty phone calls is way too obvious. But having private messages on Facebook or other social media platform can be a little bit easier to hide.
  • There is also a chance that your spouse will accuse you of cheating. This is just a way to cover up their guilt and make them feel good about themselves with what they are doing.
  • The usual intimate and fiery sex with your spouse has gotten weird. This is because they are not fully committed into the moment which also shows lack of eye contact and has that urge to get it over with and then no more intimacy afterward.
  • You will feel somehow that something doesn’t feel right. Sometimes you just got to trust your gut instinct. If your instinct tells you that your spouse is having an affair, then you have to find a way to prove it but not yet to shout out your suspicion until you have come up with something concrete.

There is always a fine line between a platonic friendship and emotional infidelity. Platonic friendship is good if it is genuine. But if it is kept secret, then there is no other way to describe it as emotional infidelity.

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